Prof. Giovanni Miniello

Only a woman
carries you in her womb once
and for her,
you never left

Gianni Miniello

Services provided

Prof. Giovanni Miniello's studio offers the following services:


- Specialist medical examinations

- Colposcopy

- Pap test

- HPV test

- Diagnosis and treatment of HPV lesions (warts, dysplasia, or CIN)

- Radiofrequency Surgery

- Peniscopy

- Gynaecological and obstetric ultrasound

- Wet mount Microscopy of vaginal fluor

- Wet mount Dermo-cytogram

- Wet mount Microscopy of the buccal cavity

- Wet mount Uro-cytogram for cystitis

Medical examinations and tests

Wet mount microscopy

The wet mount of vaginal fluor or in phase contrast allows for an immediate microbiological evaluation. It is also a valuable aid in the diagnosis of pre-cancerous lesions on the cervix. Finally, it provides valuable information about hormonal conditions (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause).


Wet mount uro-cystogram

The wet mount uro-cystogram displays, in real time, the adhesion of bacteria to the cells of the urinary tract, responsible for cystitis.



Colposcopy is a second level examination in the presence of an abnormal Pap test result and it dramatically reduces false negative Pap tests.


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